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6 Reasons Poophoria Is The Way To Go

6 Reasons Poophoria
Is The Way To “Go”

Poophoria supplements are the clinically proven, low-cost way to get your gut in gear and your number-two’s running on the regular. Here are six reasons you—and your poop—deserve Poophoria bliss.

Good Poops for ~$3/day

1. Good Poops for ~$3/day

The best things in life may be free, but enjoying regular bowel movements and amazing digestive health for less than you paid for a cup of coffee this morning is pretty darn close. Daily supplements like probiotics and fiber can be expensive and ineffective, so we started Poophoria to solve your gut issues and more.

Probiotics + (Fiber & Magnesium) = Unstoppable Duo

2. Probiotics + (Fiber & Magnesium) = Unstoppable Duo

Rhythm is a blend of fiber and magnesium that improves both constipation and diarrhea without excess gas, bloating, or cramping. Harmony is a daily probiotic that grows helpful gut bacteria to not only ease constipation but also boost your immune system and help you absorb vitamins and minerals. Together, Harmony and Rhythm complement each other perfectly to keep you regular and your digestive tract in tiptop condition. Go for the probiotic/fiber one-two punch and save 20 percent off buying each individually—healthy pooping and extra cash for the win!

GI Relief - It’s All in the Science

3. GI Relief - It’s All in the Science

Infrequent or difficult to pass stools cause more than just frustration. Effects include gas, bloating, cramping, decreased appetite, and fatigue. And that’s just the beginning of it -  IBS, reflux, and hemorrhoids plague so many in the constant struggle to get a handle on health. It doesn’t have to be like this! Our supplements are clinically proven to improve regularity, constipation, diarrhea, and satiation. Plus, they can promote healthy levels of cholesterol, improve colon and intestinal health, and help the growth of beneficial bacterias in your gut. Finally, peace can be scientifically restored.  

Delivered Right To Your Door

4. Delivered Right To Your Door

Our discreet home-delivery subscriptions automatically send your Poophoria products to your doorstep each month. No need to remember to place your order, and no more awkward trips to the pharmacy. (The cashier doesn’t really need to know what your, um, “issues” are, now does he?)

Daily Routine Ready

5. Daily Routine Ready

It’s so simple to get Poophoria in your belly! Sprinkle our odorless, tasteless fiber supplement on your cereal or your smoothie (or pretty much anywhere else), and take one little ol’ capsule of our probiotic blend. And since our products are gluten-free, kosher, halal, vegetarian, and non-GMO, there’s hardly a dietary restriction in sight. Almost nothing stands between you and the poop you never thought possible.

Fall in love with poop all over again… or your money back

6. Fall in love with poop all over again… or your money back

We know falling in love means getting vulnerable, and that can be scary. But your problem isn’t going to flush itself. Try Poophoria today and if your poops aren’t up to par within 30 days, you’ll get your money back. Your risk-free stool solution is just a click away.