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About Us

Who We Are

Poophoria—the company—grew from a desire to make poophoria—the feeling—achievable for anyone on the planet with a GI tract. We offer a premium line of supplements to help smooth and regulate the digestion process, resulting in consistently A+, blue ribbon poops.

We’re mindful that good habits are easier when you don’t have to think about them. To keep things simple and worry-free, Poophoria comes as a monthly subscription that ships in packaging that’s always discreet. Once it arrives, all that’s left to do is sit back and revel in the relief that comes with a full, regular bowel movement.

And we’re prepared to back that up. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact us for a full refund.

Why We Are

Despite it being something we do every day, millions of us are resigned to tolerate poops that are, at best, 6 out of 10s. Dry ones, hard ones, painful ones, ones that never show up, or ones that show up early and bring all their trainwreck friends. Why can’t we fix this?

Enter Poophoria. We recognized the problem and saw a way out by combining all the ingredients for a great poop into a neat little box that’s a joy to receive. Think of it like a Happy Meal minus the fast food and the toy. Yes, there may be better metaphors out there.

Regardless, we believe that 10/10s aren’t only possible, but with a few basic tools can be easy and expected. Skip the pricey tests that plot your microbiome on a smarthphone app. The only analysis you need is the one in the toilet each morning.

Start the day with a spectacular poop and experience a world that’s brighter, freer, and filled with more time off the toilet than on it. Your gut will thank you.


What We Are

For a business focused on relieving constipation, we try extra hard not to be full of it. These are the three values that embody what we are.

Real Shit: We’re always going to be up front about what’s in our products, what they can actually do, and what the alternatives are. We trust that when armed with honest information, our customers are capable of making the best decisions for their health.

Open Dialogue: Life is less grand when you’re not pooping at your best, and we get that. If there’s one idea we want to project it’s that we understand the crappiness that comes with GI discomfort, because each person on our team has experienced it themselves.

Fun: We celebrate the proud human tradition of laughing at poop, from Benjamin Franklin’s unpublished treatise on the nature of flatus, to the ever-stoic Catalonian squatter, El Caganer. While our products are based in serious science, we aim to strike the tone that this inherently silly topic deserves.