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Bloated? (All the time?)

Address the root causes of bloating and feel like yourself again - fast!


Bloating: more common than you think

If you struggle with bloating and discomfort, you’re not alone.  Nearly 30% of Americans regularly experience bloating, even when they haven’t eaten a heavy meal.  Related symptoms like constipation and abdominal pain are even more common: nearly 75% of Americans experience some form of discomfort in the GI tract on a regular basis.

In fact, bloating is so common that it’s become a kind of baseline health condition for millions of Americans.  More than two thirds of people experiencing bloating report they’ve never talked to a doctor about it or sought medical care.  We tend to just “get used to it” as time passes.

Here at Poophoria, we don’t believe in “getting used to it.”  We believe you can beat bloating – and feel your best, every day.

The causes of bloating

Bloating results from the buildup of gas in your stomach and small intestine. When the gas can’t escape, it puts pressure on the walls of your abdomen.  Your stomach feels full and tight, as if you have eaten a huge meal.  Bloating can be uncomfortable, painful, and disruptive to your day.  Your stomach may look bigger, and clothing may fit poorly or feel tight.  It can be hard to focus on work and family – and impossible to eat, drink and enjoy the day.

Battling bloating: Diet isn't enough

The gases behind bloating emerge from the digestion of the foods that you eat, and as most people know, avoiding gassy foods like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and certain types of beans can reduce the risk of gassy buildup.  But only a minority of bloating cases stem entirely from the foods that you eat, and even the healthiest eaters often suffer from gassy buildup and painful digestion.  Diet alone won’t solve the problem for most people battling bloating. What will help is our Harmony probiotics, designed by doctors to address the root causes of bloating.

Regular bowel movements

The most important cause of gassy buildup is a trap at the other end: constipation.  When the food in your digestive tract gets backed up – and doesn’t move steadily along through your body – it traps gases in place and causes the local sensation of fullness and pressure. Ending constipation by getting your body regular and ensuring easy and complete bowel movements can go a long way toward easing or even ending most bloating symptoms.

Healthy probiotic ecosystem

The second critical cause of bloating and discomfort is incomplete or imbalanced digestion.  These problems occur when the gut microbiome is out of alignment.  Probiotcs, the “good gut bacteria” that work together to process the foods that you eat, make up this ecosystem.  When you have too few of the right strains, your body may not fully process the nutrients in food.  Restoring the right balance of healthy probiotics can help curb bloating symptoms, while also supporting complete digestion, intestinal health, various cellular processes, and even mood and energy.

Experience Poophoria

Poophoria's Harmony Probiotics are specifically designed to target the root causes of bloating.  The daily capsule offers the two most critical doctor-recommended probiotics (to restore your gut microbiome to its natural balance and support the complete, healthy digestion of foods). They also contain a dose of SunFiber®, which is clinically proven to move food through the digestive tract, produce healthy bowel movements

We’re so confident our products will end your bloating and get you regular that we offer a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. Try us out risk-free today.